Hive Highlights

65 Pollinator-Friendly Plants Bees Love

Beekeepers are investing a lot of time and money seeking a solution to the bee population decline, but in the meantime, gardeners can be the frontline troops in the fight to …

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How to Make a Bee Hotel

By Leah Grunzke – Solitary bees face some of the same threats to their population as honey bees do. Loss of habitat is perhaps the single biggest threat to wild …

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Beehive Inspection Checklist

The only way to know exactly what is going on in a beehive is to actually take a peek inside. This can be intimidating, especially to a new beekeeper, but …

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Feeding Honey Bees 101
June 5, 2019 . · Hive Highlights

Many new beekeepers are surprised to learn that even established colonies need to be fed certain times of the year. Feed the bees? Wait a sec! I thought that’s the …

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