Feeding Honey Bees 101

Feeding Honey Bees 101

Many new beekeepers are surprised to learn that even established colonies need to be fed at certain times of the year. Feeding honey bees? Wait a sec! I thought that’s the reason we got honey bees … so they can feed us. Don’t worry; they will in good time! Take care of your colonies, and you’ll earn the sweet reward of home-produced honey. There’s nothing quite like it! 

Even the honey bee’s incredible talents are stretched too far when resources aren’t available. Here’s a helpful one-page CHEAT SHEET on feeding your bees. Print it out and keep it in your honey house as a reminder!

  • Learn about the two most critical times of the year to feed
  • Explore what to feed and how to feed it
  • Dive into the differences between nectar and pollen and why bees need both
  • Ensure you are feeding the correct ratios of sugar to water for the season
  • Plus, learn what NOT to do

CLICK HERE to get your pdf!

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