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Why Did My Newly Installed Bees Make a Queen Cell? Ask the Expert.

Today was inspection day and I found what appears to be a queen cell … yikes!? I’ve read a lot of different things about these and I am freaking out a …

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Are Russian Honey Bees More Resistant to Varroa and Tracheal Mites? Ask the Expert!
May 14, 2019 . · Ask The Expert

Are Russian honey bees more resistant to varroa and tracheal mites?  There is some research suggesting Russian honey bees are somewhat resistant to varroa mites. Similar to the Asian honey bee, …

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OAV Varroa Mite Treatment: Ask the Expert!
May 3, 2019 . · Ask The Expert

Josh Vaisman replies to questions from his article: How to Treat Varroa Mites with Oxalic Acid Vaporizer (OAV) “knockdown” treatment: Jim writes:I loved your article on monthly knockdown mite treatments …

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Should You Feed Native Bees? Ask the Expert!
April 24, 2019 . · Ask The Expert

Do you know if the sugar water will work for wild bees as well? I haven’t undertaken starting my own hive, but I usually have quite a few bees that …

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What’s Safe to Use in Your Smoker? Ask the Expert!
March 5, 2019 . · Ask The Expert

H.J.M. writes: Is it safe to use the wood pellets for a Pellet grill in your bee smoker? +++++++ That’s a great question, H.J.M.! The simple answer is, yes, it …

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