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Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis is a wife, mother, homesteader, homeschooler, author, blogger, columnist, and speaker. An advocate of simple living and self-sufficiency, she has practiced and written about self-reliance and preparedness for almost 30 years. She is experienced in homestead animal husbandry and small-scale dairy production, food preservation and canning, country relocation, home-based businesses, homeschooling, personal money management, and food self-sufficiency. Follow her website patricelewis.com or blog rural-revolution.com.
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Articles by Patrice Lewis

Bumblebees at Play
May 30, 2023 · · Beekeeping

Add to Favorites Play is one of the most enchanting and mysterious behaviors animals exhibit. Play is crucial to proper development in many species. Through play, animals develop their cognitive …

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The Lost Honeybees of Blenheim
April 3, 2023 · · Beekeeping 101

Blenheim estate of 6,000 acres contains Europe’s largest ancient oak forest, and in 2021 a marvelous thing was discovered: wild honeybees.

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The Thrill of Beelining

If you are looking for a hobby that gets you out in nature, requires patience and determination, and has all the thrills of a treasure hunt, then beelining is for you.

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The Unsolved Mystery: Washboarding Behavior in Bees
February 1, 2023 · · Beekeeping 101

Often observed at the entrance to hives, washboarding is a purposeful group behavior involving anywhere from a few to several hundred bees engaging in a swaying to-and-fro movement reminiscent of scrubbing clothes on a washboard.

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Honeybees and the Classroom
January 1, 2023 · · Hive Highlights

Add to Favorites Of all the creative applications for bees, one of the most exciting is bringing bees into the classroom — or rather, bringing the classroom out to the …

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Why Mānuka Honey is So Expensive
January 1, 2023 · · Honey & Beeswax

If you have a hankering to try one of the rarest kinds of honey in the world, then Mānuka honey is what you’re looking for. But why is Mānuka honey so expensive?

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Highways for Hives: The Marvel of Bee Space
January 1, 2023 · · Hives & Equipment

Every beekeeper knows about bee space, the specific gap within a hive (wild or domestic) that bees won’t fill with either comb or propolis.

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Beeswax Products
October 4, 2022 · · Honey & Beeswax

Beeswax is one of the most unique and useful natural products in the animal world. Beeswax is the ultimate eco-friendly, zero-waste option for endless uses.

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When Art and Science Mesh:

Those who mesh together both art and science are a decidedly rare breed. For Dr. Barrett Klein, what started as a boyhood interest in bugs went to a whole new level.

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Mead: The Ancient Elixir
August 25, 2022 · · Honey & Beeswax

There are literally hundreds of different recipes and processes for making mead; however, there are ingredients, equipment, steps, and potential mistakes common to all.

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