How to Make Honey Soap

Honey is a Humectant — a Substance That Attracts Water and Holds it

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Benefits of Honey for the Skin

There is quite a bit of reasoning behind the belief that honey is good for the skin. The main reason is that honey is a humectant. A humectant is a substance that attracts water and holds it. When applied to the skin, honey will attract moisture from the air so that the skin can then absorb that moisture. The reason why honey is a humectant is interesting and may take you back to high school chemistry. Do you remember supersaturated solutions? A supersaturated solution happens when water has been forced to dissolve more sugar than it wants to at a certain temperature. This is typically done by heating the sugar and water solution to force the dissolution then allowing it to cool. Bees make honey a supersaturated solution by fanning the uncured honey to help evaporate some of the water content. When it reaches the desired consistency, the honeycomb is capped to keep it at the desired sugar-to-water ratio. Another benefit of honey for skin is in its antimicrobial properties. For those who suffer from acne, raw honey can be a treatment to help balance the bacteria occurring on the skin. Honey’s antioxidants are also helpful against the signs of aging.

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