Raise Bees in Your Backyard

Raise Bees in Your Backyard

6 Honey Bees To Consider, Including Buckfast Bees

Pros and Cons of Buckfast Bees, Carniolian Bees, and Other Bees

6 Honey Bees To Consider

By Angi Schneider

One of the first questions a beekeeper asks is, “What kind of bees should I keep?” There are many bees to choose from: Carniolian, German, Italian, Russian, and Buckfast bees, to name a few. Which is the right one to keep? The answer is “It depends.”

Let’s chat about the pros and cons of different varieties so you can make the best decision for your situation as you are learning how to raise bees.

Buckfast Bees
Carniolian Bees
Italian Bees
Russian Bees
Caucasian Bees
German & Feral Bees

When starting beekeeping, it’s best to pick the species you think will do best but be open to change. All of these species are good choices, but beekeeping is an art as much as it is a science. As a beekeeper you will want to keep an eye on your beehives and be observant of them.

If you see a lot of activity, it might mean that you need to add more space lest they decide to swarm. If you see very little activity it might mean that they have already swarmed and you’ll need to decide how to best help the remaining bees.

Bee Swarm

If you notice that the hives are robbing other hives or being aggressive toward you it might mean that the hive needs to be requeened, especially if the hive is several years old. The second generation from a queen is usually not as genetically pure as the first.

Being observant and having bee hive plans will help your hives stay healthy and productive.

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