How to Set Up a Backyard Apiary

Tips for Finding Beekeeping Supplies

How to Set Up a Backyard Apiary
About six years ago our son (who was 12 at the time) told us he wanted to start keeping bees. Beekeeping was something we were interested in starting and this was just the push we needed to get the ball rolling. To prepare, we spent the next year or so reading and learning how to set up a backyard apiary with our son. A friend who is also a beekeeper became our son’s beekeeping mentor. 3 Questions to Ask Before Setting up a Backyard Apiary 1. Our first question that needed to be answered was, “Is beekeeping legal in our area?” Fortunately, we live outside the city limits on 1.5 acres. Our county doesn’t have any laws or ordinances for beekeeping so we just needed to make sure that we knew and followed our state laws. To find out what laws and ordinances there are in your area for raising bees

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