How to Add Wax Foundation to An Assembled Frame

Today we’ll demonstrate how to add wax foundation to an assembled frame. Although the process is fairly simple, it’s easy to get tripped up without the basic steps.

First, we’ll start by grabbing your wedge top bar frame. There’s a groove in the top bar and a thin strip of wood holds it in. Cut out this thin strip of wood with a utility knife. Set the strip of wood aside.


You now have a shallow groove to work with. You may need to clean out the groove a bit more with your utility knife.


Now, grab the wax foundation with wire-reinforced hooks. Place the bottom of the sheet in the groove. The wire hooks should be facing toward you. Nudge the hooks into the groove.


Grab the thin piece of wood you set aside and place it on top of the hook side.


Use 5/8″ nails or a staple gun to secure groove and hold the foundation in place.

Not shown: You can place support pins in the drilled holes on the short ends of the frame for added stability.


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