How to Assemble a Deep Feeder with Cap and Ladders

Reduce Bee Drowning with a Deep Feeder Cap and Ladders

Promoted by Miller Bee Supply

Watch Time: 2 minutes

Feeding honey bees seasonally or when you start a new colony is critical to the success of your beekeeping initiatives. You have several options for feeders, and one of those is a deep feeder.

Below is a black, molded plastic deep feeder from Miller Bee Supply. Because it’s made of one piece of plastic, it won’t leak! This feeder goes into the hive body and takes the place of one frame in your Langstroth hive. It will hold about a gallon of sugar water. The inside of the feeder is textured to help reduce drowning. 


The model above is fitted with cap and ladders – (sold separately.) 

The cap and ladders snap onto our deep feeder, as shown in the video. The cap covers the opening of the feeder, except for two spaces. The bees can climb into the two open spaces and hang onto the ladders, which go all the way to the bottom of the feeder. This helps reduce drowning. 

Have you used a deep feeder with cap and ladders? What are the benefits and drawbacks in your hives?

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