Preparing for The Queen Honey Bee

Basic Beehive Setup Means Getting Your Hive Just Right for The Queen

Preparing for The Queen Honey Bee
By Romie Holl, Wisconsin – For new beekeepers, knowing basic beehive setup, and how to prepare for the queen honey bee, are important for a hive’s success. There is a decision to be made when starting beekeeping and ordering bees: do you want the two-pound or three-pound hive? You will only get one queen, but how many worker bees do you need right off the bat? That depends on your hive in your honey bee farming project. If you are starting a new hive (one with no comb on the frames), you will want the three-pound hive. If your hive has comb on the frames, then the two-pound one is fine, unless the comb needs to be rebuilt and you want to get more workers. When you get the queen honey bee, she is ready to start laying eggs. But she is unable to do so until the comb is built. The

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