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I grow my own food with a nice orchard consisting of 14 apple, 3 sour cherry, 3 sweet cherry, 3 pear, 2 peach, 2 plum as well as several types of nut trees and smaller fruit. I built my own greenhouse out of patio doors and I grow veggies year around. Besides having the plants, I also have a few animals on my place. 1. Honey bees for pollination and the honey. 2. Chickens for the eggs 3. Dairy goats for milk, butter and cheese 4. Pigs that are raised for meat. 5. I am considering combining my greenhouse with aquaponics
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Preparing for The Queen Honey Bee
April 20, 2022 · · Beekeeping 101

There is a decision to be made when starting beekeeping and ordering bees: do you want the two-pound or three-pound hive? You will only get one queen, but how many worker bees do you need right off the bat? That depends on your hive in your honey bee farming project.

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