spring beekeeping

How Long Should I Feed Bees in Spring?

When a hive is starting out in the spring, do the forager bees consume and share some of the nectar they gather with the “house” bees and store the rest that they don’t need for their survival? And is that the reason that

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When Can I Safely Clean Out my Mason Bee Tubes?
July 6, 2020 · · Ask the Expert

In order to care for your mason bees, you need to have some idea when the tubes were filled and capped. If it was in a prior year, the bees inside are most likely dead, so you can discard the tubes and start with a fresh set next year.

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Your Seasonal Beekeeping Calendar
July 3, 2020 · · Beekeeping 101

When you are new to beekeeping, it’s good to have a game plan. Today let’s explore a seasonal beekeeping calendar and your to-do’s throughout the year.

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Why Do I Have Dead Drones in My Beehive Entrance?
June 12, 2020 · · Ask the Expert

Every now and then someone reports massive numbers of dead drones in spring and early summer. It doesn’t seem right but it happens. One common thread that runs through these reports is several days of rainy or cold weather just prior to finding the dead drones.

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Will a Newly Installed Nuc Swarm?

The appearance of a single swarm cell doesn’t mean much. Some colonies repeatedly build queen cups and swarm cells only to tear them down later. We don’t know why they do it, but it may just be a case of being prepared.

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