Best Wildflowers for Honeybees

In recent years, the role of wildflowers in feeding honeybees has been widely misunderstood.

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Establishing a Successful Bee Garden

The right flowers, fruit, and vegetables in your garden will attract some of your own bees, as well as welcoming other visitors such as the bumblebee and solitary bee species.

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Garden Plan for Pollinators

Design choices, plant selections, and maintenance practices can make a huge difference in creating your own healthy ecosystem.

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Can I Make Mason Bee Homes out of Bamboo?

I want to make mason bee homes. I plan to try drilling a wood block, but also try bamboo. Since moisture is an issue with bamboo, has anyone tried drying the bamboo out in a low temp oven? Do they have suggestions about how long and at what temperature to dry the bamboo?

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When Can I Safely Clean Out my Mason Bee Tubes?
July 6, 2020 · · Ask the Expert

In order to care for your mason bees, you need to have some idea when the tubes were filled and capped. If it was in a prior year, the bees inside are most likely dead, so you can discard the tubes and start with a fresh set next year.

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What’s Bothering My Mason Bees?

The parasitic wasp genus Monodontomerus shows up just as the mason bee season is coming to a close. The wasps are very tiny, perhaps fruit fly size, and fly with a nervous, side-to-side pattern that makes them look guilty.

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