Backyard Beekeeping June/July 2022

Backyard Beekeeping June/July 2022 — 2/3 is now available! Subscribe to Backyard Beekeeping for great stories on mason bees, honey extractors, splits, how to clean a smoker, and recipes. PLUS: Hives for Heroes — a national military nonprofit veteran service organization focusing on honey bee conservation and a healthy transition from service.


• From the Editor
• What’s the Buzz
• Photo Essay: Honey Pie Bees

Ask the Expert

~ Will Workers Destroy Capped Queen Cells?
~ Mason Bee Homes
~ Cleaning Mason Bee Tubes
~ Entrance Tube Width
~ What’s Bothering My Mason Bees?
~ Can I Eliminate Hive Beetles by Moving to a Sunnier Location?
~ Why Are There Flower Particles on My Bottom Board?
~ How Do I Keep Bees Away From My Pool?


• What Makes My Colony a Superorganism?
• Telling the Bees
• Queen Introduction
• Walkaway Splits
• Where the Bees Are

• Honey Extractors Explained
• How to Clean a Beehive Smoker
• Erika Thompson: Queen Bee of Social Media’s Beekeeping and Bee Removals
• The Copycat Bee
• Pollinator Week, A History

• Hive Highlights: 8 Ways to Be a Courteous Backyard Beekeeper
• Beeswax Products
• Granny’s Southern Honey Cornbread
• Hive Highlights: Beehive Inspection Checklist
• Hive Minds: Hives For Heros — Save Bees, Save Vets

In Every Issue

• Beekeeping Calendar
• Just For Fun
• Hives to Follow

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