15 Easy Beekeeping Projects for Winter

Winter is a Great Time to Tend to Beekeeping Equipment and Tackle Beekeeping To-Do's

15 Easy Beekeeping Projects for Winter
Just when you think winter will never end, you suddenly awaken to an azure sky. You hear sounds you haven’t heard in months: frogs, birds, kids. Without warning, honey bees you haven’t seen since fall are circling overhead, stretching their wings and looking for nectar. Right then, you remember the hole in your bee veil, the unassembled honey supers still packed in a box, the new brood chamber you haven’t painted. You also remember you haven’t ordered mite treatments, and you wonder if you have the equipment you’ll need to make a split. The panicky feeling you get when the work seems overwhelming is not fun, and it can spoil the blue-sky euphoria. To prevent that sinking feeling, here’s a list of beekeeping projects you can tackle in the winter while your bees are tucked away in their hives. 15 Short Beekeeping Projects for Winter Paint your hive tool. I

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