Beekeeping 101

8 Ways to Be a Courteous Backyard Beekeeper

Add to Favorites Being a good beekeeping neighbor is something all backyard beekeepers should be concerned about. Be respectful and thoughtful of our neighbors by following good beekeeping practices. Know …

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Navigating Urban Beekeeping Laws

Today, as more urban beekeepers start beekeeping, they are finding roadblocks to their hobby. These include urban beekeeping laws, rules, regulations, zoning, ordinances, and in some cases outright bans on bees — especially with some Homeowners Associations (HOAs).

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Successfully Installing Packaged Bees

Packaged bees have become an annual addition to many beekeeping operations, so the skills you learn successfully installing them the first time will be repeated in the years to come.

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Bee Patient: How Angry Honey Bees Taught Me to Take a Deep Breath
February 5, 2019 · · Beekeeping 101

Add to Favorites By Phillip Meeks, Virginia – Let me say this up front: I’m not naturally a patient person. I tend to wring my hands and pace the floor if it looks …

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Adventures in Raising Honey Bees

Add to Favorites By D. Parnell, Tennessee – I am not a professional beekeeper in any way, shape or form. It’s been said that if you speak with 25 different beekeepers, you’ll learn of 25 …

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How to Start Beekeeping in Your Backyard
February 1, 2019 · · Beekeeping 101

Add to Favorites This year we started raising honey bees. I wanted to do this for the last couple of years but for one reason or another, it didn’t work …

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