What’s Safe to Use in Your Smoker?

Ask the Expert!

H.J.M. writes:

Is it safe to use the wood pellets for a Pellet grill in your bee smoker?


That’s a great question, H.J.M.! The simple answer is, yes, it is safe to use wood pellets for a pellet grill like a Traeger. Generally speaking, so long as the material you burn in your smoker burns clean, cool, and hasn’t been treated with any sort of additive or chemical it is safe to use. For example, we’ve used wood pellets (I love the smell of mesquite!), untreated shaved pine like what you might use in a chicken coop, untreated and pure burlap (we cut small sections from a burlap sack), and so on. I hope that helps!

– Josh Vaisman

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