Does Peppermint Deter Wax Moths?

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Does Peppermint Deter Wax Moths?

David writes: Have you had any results from putting mint near your hives to prevent wax moths?

While I have heard of folks suggesting mint could be a deterrent to wax moths, I can’t say how efficacious it truly is. That said, no harm in planting some mint around the hives! Worst case you’ve got some great fresh mint for your tea!

All this considered, the very best deterrent to wax moths is a strong, healthy colony of bees. Simply put, a healthy colony will not allow wax moths inside at all. So, when we find wax moths actually residing in our hives, it’s a sign of a much larger problem. Even if mint does somewhat deter the moths, if the colony is struggling, the draw of the wax and other resources inside will be too much and the moths will eventually take residence.

Let us know how that tea turns out! Also, take a look at some of these interesting peppermint plant uses.

– Josh

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