Backyard Beekeeping February/March 2022

Backyard Beekeeping February/March 2022 — 2/1 is available NOW! Subscribe to Backyard Beekeeping for great stories on determining why hives failed, feeding honey from another hive, Langstroth hives, and what garden veggies bees actually pollinate. PLUS mad honey, the product of wild bees harvesting from toxic rhododendron species.



• From the Editor
• What’s the Buzz
• Photo Essay: Fox Islands Apiaries

Ask the Expert
~ Can I Feed Bees Honey From Another Hive?
~ Can I Use Honey in a Pail Feeder?
~ How Do I Configure My Top Bar Hive?
~ Why Are There So Many Bee Droppings on the Outside of My Hives?
~ Reversing Brood Boxes in the Spring — Is It Necessary?
~ What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Nine Frames vs 10 Frames?

• Honey Bees Bring Hope to Rural Appalachia
• Twelve Things Every Novice Beekeeper Should Know
• Honey Bee, Yellowjacket, Paper Wasp … What’s the Difference?
• How to Set Up a Backyard Apiary
• Lessons Learned Building a Layens Hive
• Hive Highlight: Langstroth Hive
• Hive Highlight: Install Package Bees in Langstroth Hive
• My Hive Failed. Now What?
• Which Garden Veggies Do Bees Pollinate?
• Wildflowers for Pollinators/Bees
• How Allergies Work
• Sweet as Mad Honey
• Hive Minds: Fox Islands Apiaries

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• Beekeeping Calendar
• Just For Fun
• Hives to Follow

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  1. Can’t wait to read Back yard Bees I excited to learn all I can as I’m new to bee keeping
    Best Regards

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