Backyard Beekeeping April/May 2022

Backyard Beekeeping April/May 2022 — 2/2 is available now! Subscribe to Backyard Beekeeping for great stories on different types of comb, how to move hives, teaching children not to fear bees, natural queen rearing, and human uses for bee pollen and venom. PLUS: Officer Darren Mays, a retired policeman who conducted swarm removals for the NYPD!


• From the Editor
• What’s the Buzz
• Photo Essay: Indigo Acres Apiary

Ask the Expert
~ First Mite Check
~ Feed Bees in Spring
~ Newly Installed Queen Cells
~ Spraying Dandelions
~ Keep Queen Form Leaving
~ Out of Birdhouse

• Dr. Sammy: Beekeeper, Science Communicator, and Your Friendly Neighborhood Entomologist
• Types of Comb and What They Tell Us About Our Bees

Burr comb built along the tops of frames and under the lid like this one that is filled with nectar or honey alerts the beekeeper to a serious shortage of storage for nectar. Additional space should have been added at least a week prior to this photo.

• Bees Are Friends: Teaching Children Not to Fear Our Pollinators
• Disability and Beekeeping
• Successful Hive Moves Hinge on Preparation
• Hive Highlight: Light a Smoker
• Natural Queen Rearing
• Strange Creatures
• Book Review: Wild Honey Bees, An Intimate Portrait

Photo provided by Ingo Arndt, photographer for Wild Honey Bees: An Intimate Portrait.

• Hive Highlight: 65 Pollinator-Friendly Plants Bees Love
• When “Honey-Colored” Means Blue
• Medicinal Uses of Bee Venom
• Bee Food or Human Food? Benefits of Eating Bee Pollen
• Hive Minds: From Beat Cop to Beekeeper, Meet Darren Mays

Darren Mays, now-retired NYPD officer, removing a swarm from an NYPD ARGUS camera in the heart of Times Square.

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• Just For Fun
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