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Rebecca Sanderson

I grew up in a very small town in Idaho with a backyard full of chickens, goats, sometimes sheep, sometimes ducks, and other random animals in addition to the standard cats and dogs. I am now married with two little girls and love the homesteading life! My husband is very supportive (tolerant) of my continued experiments in making many items from scratch, and he even helps sometimes.
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Is Honey Antibacterial?
September 14, 2021 · · Honey & Beeswax

Is honey antibacterial? Rumor has it that honey has supposed antimicrobial properties.

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The (Not) Invasion of the Asian Giant Hornet

Asian Giant Hornets are large, scary-looking, and pack a pretty bad sting. However, the odds of you coming in contact with the infamous “murder hornet,” more properly termed Vespa mandarinia, are incredibly low.

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