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Angela Ferraro-Fanning

Angela Ferraro-Fanning owns and operates Axe & Root Homestead, a small New Jersey six-acre farm established in 1775. In 2012 Angela left the nine-to-five lifestyle and her graphic design start-up business to pursue self-sufficiency and return to a simpler way of life. Completely self-taught, she and her husband strive to grow as much food for their small family as they can, to create mutually beneficial relationships with their farm animals, to integrate natural and organic farming methods, and to craft or create many of the home goods they use regularly. Their homestead currently consists of two dogs, a barn cat, three geese, ten ducks, one draft horse, and two honeybee hives.
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Articles by Angela Ferraro-Fanning

My Flow Hive: Three Years In

Many people are familiar with the look of a common Langstroth beehive. They can easily recognize the classic white stacked (or sometimes colorfully painted) boxes forming a tower and capped …

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Flow Hive Review: Honey on Tap

I never thought that I would be keeping bees. In fact, my healthy fear of them as a child had me spending warm summer days indoors and sprinting away from …

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