5 Honey Bees to Consider, Including Buckfast Bees
February 1, 2019 · · Beekeeping 101

Add to Favorites One of the first questions a beekeeper asks is, “What kind of bees should I keep?” There are many bees to choose from: Carniolan, German, Italian, Russian, …

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Why Honey Bees Dying in the Hive Should Be Investigated
February 1, 2019 · · Health & Pests

Add to Favorites Honey bees dying while you learn to care for the colony and hive is disappointing. It is important to look into the cause of honey bees dying to …

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Adventures in Raising Honey Bees

Add to Favorites By D. Parnell, Tennessee – I am not a professional beekeeper in any way, shape or form. It’s been said that if you speak with 25 different beekeepers, you’ll learn of 25 …

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