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Kristi Cook

Kristi Cook lives in Arkansas where every year brings something new to her family’s journey for a more sustainable lifestyle. She keeps a flock of laying hens, dairy goats, a rapidly growing apiary, a large garden, and more. When she’s not busy with the critters and veggies, you can find her sharing sustainable living skills through her workshops, articles, and blog at tenderheartshomestead.com.
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Articles by Kristi Cook

Honey Bee Predators: Mammals in the Bee Yard
September 9, 2021 · · Health & Pests

Honey bees have many threats to contend with on a nearly daily basis, just like any other creature.

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Natural Queen Rearing
September 1, 2021 · · Health & Pests

Queen rearing is often seen as a beekeeping task best left ‘to the experts.’ After all, the idea of scooping up a tiny bee larvae and slipping her into a queen cup, also known as grafting, seems daunting at best to many.

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Solar Bleaching Beeswax: The Safest Method for Lighter Wax
August 19, 2021 · · Honey & Beeswax

Solar bleaching, on the other hand, has been around for thousands of years and is still the most common and safest method of bleaching wax with a negligible learning curve, promising a lighter wax on your first attempt with just a few steps to keep in mind.

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DIY Hive Top Feeder Plan
April 11, 2021 · · Hives & Equipment

Bees are hungry little creatures that occasionally require supplemental feeding. Fortunately, feeding honey bees during the warmer months requires little more than selecting a feeder and filling it with syrup.

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How Do I Harvest Royal Jelly?
March 24, 2020 · · Ask the Expert

To harvest royal jelly in any quantifiable amount, you’ll need several strong, healthy hives and a working knowledge of queen grafting.

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